Specialized Roll

     They say that every journey begins with a single step, but when that journey is related to exercise, that first step can sure be a doozy. Don't worry, though— we have your back with the Roll.

     It has everything you need to help you along your journey of being the fitter, better you. Wide, traction-packed tires? Check. A comfortable, upright geometry that keeps a smile on your face, even when the times get tough? You know it. Reliable components and a frame that'll stand up to the elements? It's all there in a package that's pretty on the eyes and a joy to ride.

     Wide diameter, 650bx2.3" Nimbus Sport tires provide excellent traction, stability, and cushioning, which creates a safer, more reliable, and more comfortable ride on either paved or dirt roads. 

     Equipped with our Body Geometry "The Cup" saddle, you can expect a supreme level of comfort anywhere you take the Roll. It delivers on these expectations by "cupping" your sit bones, which reduces pressure without feeling obtrusive or constraining.

$9/hour          $19.00/half day          $29.00/day

Specialized Expedition

The Expedition will get you out and soaking it up every time. What is it about this bike that makes it your perfect ride partner? Top-of-mind is your comfort, and its Ground Control Positioning means that you can put a foot down whenever you need to. Add Body Geometry grips, plus a wide, forgiving saddle, and it's set to become your "go-to" for staying fit and healthy.


Specialized Expedition and Expedition Low Entry bikes are perfect for the Stowe Recreation Path and around town.


$9/hour          $19.00/half day          $29.00/day


Tag-A-Long and Carts

Have younger children you'd like to bring along while exploring the Stowe Rec Path?  Having them use a Tag-A-Long or pulling them in the cart keeps kids up to speed.







Our Burley Rental Cubs are safer and easier to tow than a child seat, plus with a max capacity of 100 pounds it has storage for your diaper bag in addition to room for up two two children.


$7/hour          $15/half day          $25/day



If you can trust your child to hold on, and they weigh less that 85 pounds, then the Adam's Trail-a-bike attachments are perfect for long rides without wearing out the kids.


$7/hour          $15/half day          $25/day


The Stowe Rec  Path is easily accessible from Aj's Ski and Sports.  We offer free parking for  our customers.