AJ's Bike Swap and Sweet Spring Corn

Our annual bike swap is coming up this weekend, May 16th from 9am to close (6pm). Have a bike in good condition that you are looking to get rid of or want to upgrade to a new bike? Bring in your bike this week before the swap and if it sells get 100% of the sale in store credit or 80% in a check.


Dylan workn hard at the swap or hardly working?

Looking for a kids bike? Make sure you come early, kids bikes are the first to go. Get a great deal on a bike your kids will probably grow out of in a year or two.


Kids love new used bikes

Please make sure all bikes are in working order and are ridable. Bikes that have broken parts, bent wheels and in need of major repairs will not be accepted into the swap.


This bike came in for repairs, if your bike looks like this it won't be allowed in the swap.

Mountain bike season is here and with it comes the harsh reality of flat tires. Although there are a lot of smooth trails around here, the occasional shark tooth can blow out your tube. Always make sure you are prepared for a flat by carrying a few simple tools. A spare tube, patches, tire levers and a pump can make the difference between a 5 minute pit stop and an hour long walk out of the woods.


If your getting ready to head out on the trail, make sure to check out trail conditions. With the recent rain some sections or entire trail networks may be closed. If you do see mud or puddles on trails, try and walk (not ride) around wet spots. Riding through will created ruts and destroy the trail.


Walk around wet spots, riding through creates ruts.

Jay Peak finially closed the lifts last week marking the end of winter riding. There was plenty of corn to be had thanks to the 361 inches of snow Jay Peak recieved this year. That is more snow than almost everywhere in North America this winter.


Spring Corn is awesome!


Bump Buddies

Happy Birthday to shop princess Caitlin, she finally turned 5 years old (haha). To celebrate she decided everyone had to dress up in Mario Cart garb. Luigi seemed to be the crowd favorite, with Princesses being number two.


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