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Spring in Stowe, time to bike

April 23, 2015

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NEMBAfest 2015

     NEMBAfest at the Kingdom Trails, in East Burke VT, is quickly becoming a yearly pilgrimage for mountain bikers in New England and beyond.  This year Aj's had a booth at this amazing event, making it a bit different for myself from the past NEMBAfests.
     Over the past summers during NEMBAfest I was free to roam the trails, following people on group rides and taking pictures of the event for MTBVT.  This year had me and my butt planted mostly in the confines of the event expo.  It was a nice change of scenery to witness the diverse community of bikers, rather than chasing long trains of  hardcore bikers through the woods.
     Here are a few snapshots from the event from a more personal view.  Hope you enjoy.


 For most bikers nutrition is first, but NEMBAfest with it's carnival like atmosphere, only the greasiest food will do.  Cheese steak Hamburger, hot dogs, and beer was the diet for most bikers during the weekend.


 With blue bird skies, kites were flying everywhere, including this one.


 Women of all ages were out in force learning the basicis of trail riding during the womens' clinic.


 Who doesn't like wheelies.


 Rick helps out another biker with a free tune up.


 "Hey, take my picture, I'm doing a wheelie!"


 Fat bikes make everyone smile


 Two classics, man and machine


 Food, food and more food, thats what keeps bikers going.


 You can tell it's lunchtime when all there is a sea of bikes on the ground.


 So many bike to demo, so little time!  Most people who attend the festival are there to try out some of the latest bikes from dozens of bike companies.  A great way to figure out what bike fits your style of riding.


A tutu lost in a sea of tents.


 Families that ride together, stay together.


 "Maybe we should make this landing bigger" The Beastcoaster course was a big hit with kids.  Allowing them to try their hand on bike park features.


 Classic NEMBA


 One of the many group rides departing from the festival sight.


 Another Happy Camper at NEMBAfest.


 NEMBA lunch time.


 Sure, I'll tune up your bike for free, no problem.