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Fall is the most magical time of year to ride bikes in Stowe. With the foliage peaking and cool temps, there is no better way to spend an a afternoon than out on the trails. Join the Stowe Mtn Bike Club for the fifth annual Leaf Blower Fall Classic, held on October 11, 2015 at the Town and Country Resort.

Never ridden in Stowe? Don't worry, there will be plenty of group rides for every skill level. You can choose from Epic all day rides, to family friendly rides.


9:30 am – Onsite registration/check-in begins

12:00 pm – Rides depart, with exception of Hard Chargers and Beginners/Advanced Beginners*. Skills clinic for Beginners/Advanced Beginners begins. *Hard Chargers: Hard Chargers will have staggered start times, with groups leaving at 10:30, 11 and 11:30 am Beginners and Advanced Beginners depart at 1pm, after one hour skills clinic

4-6pm – Dinner

5-7pm – Contests, prizes, bonfire and festivities

Your ticket gets you admission, a pair of custom SMBC Sock Guy socks (or goodie bag for kids), food, drink and prizes. Proceeds will benefit the trails you love to ride.

Ride Options:

The group numbers refer to pace. #1 fastest – #11 slowest. Group 1. Hard Chargers (Epic) – Ride everywhere. Fast. **Staggered start times, first group leaves at 10:30am Route: Cady hill climb, Connector, Flo, Snake, Zogs, Charlies, Snake, Schweenhaus, Owl Ridge, Pebble Beach, Pipeline, Lower Trapps stuff, Upper Trapps stuff, Trapps cabin, Kimmers, Hardy Haul, Pipeline. And thats it! Duration: 5 hours Miles: 20+

Group 2. Hard Chargers – Fast riders without an ego. Duration: 5 hours Miles: 25 Route: Cady Hill Climb to Connector, Upper Flo, Zog’s, to Charlie’s, Snake,Schween Haus to Strawberry Farm Office, Rock Garden, back up around to the Office and through to Pebble Beach, Pipeline, Trapps’, Adams Camp, then back to the ranch (depending on time and group morale we’ll either lap through CH again or just bail out on Robin’s Run and come back on the road

Group 3. Everyday Riders – Fit, comfortable at a moderate/fast pace. Duration: 3.5-4 hours Route: Flo, Snake, Owl Ridge etc. to Pipeline up Haul Rd. to Trapp’s new trail (Growler) then all the other Trapp’s trails and back down.

Group 4 & 5 Weekend Warrior – A mix of machine built and old school trails at a moderate pace. Group 4: Duration: 4 hours Miles: 15 – 20 Route: Cady hill climb to Flo to Snake to Schween Haus Outer to Owls Howl to Pipeline to Trapps Greenway to Stepping Stone (brief snack break at Trapp meadow) to Haul road to Kimmers to Hardys to Pipeline back thru Gershmans to Cady Hill connector to Flo (again because it is so much fun) to Charlies back to Town & Country.

Group 5: Route: Tony’s, Tamarack, Maple Run, Billings, Lauren’s Loop, Peak-a-View, Lauren’s Loop, 8 Bridges, Martson Trail, Break at Anderson’s Pond, Split Rock (Depending on time and energy), Maple Run, Tamarack, Tony’s. Duration: 3 – 4 hours Miles: 15 – 20

Group 6. Think I Can – A mix of machine built and old school trails, while enjoying the scenery. Duration 3.5 hours Mileage 8 to 12 miles Route: Shuttle mission– Shuttle up to Sterling Valley lot and ride up Lauren’s Loop to Peak-a-View and then down Billings, Tamarak, Tony’s, and into the Cady Hill Forest for some bonus laps.

Group 7. Think I Can, slower and less mileage – More machine built singletrack, while enjoying the scenery. Clinic: 1 – 1.5 hours first Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours Route: Head into Strawberry Farm and out to the High School, up old Shaw Hill Road to the Cady Hill Connector, down Flo and up Snake. If that’s too much, down Upper Flo to the new beginner loop, Sap bucket to Bridgey, up to green chair and down Bear

Group 8. Cruisers – Smooth, machine built trails. Clinic first: 1-1.5 hours Duration: 1.5 hours Route: Depending on the ability and comfort level of the group, we will either tackle some double track at Trapps, followed by a foray into the single track – Stepping Stone, Corkscrew, Greenway OR head into Cady Hill – Cady Hill Climb, Connector, Flo, Charlie’s out to iRide.

Group 9 & 10 Middle School Rippers – for middle school boys and girls with sufficient mountain biking experience and stamina for a 3 hour ride. Should be comfortable on uphill singletrack as well as technical downhill. This ride will cover similar terrain to adult rides, but at a more relaxed pace. Ride will start from Trapps and finish at Cady Hill Forest. Parents are encouraged to participate in this ride, as long as they can keep up with their kid. Duration: 3 hours Route: Shuttle to Trapps (Stepping Stone), Pipeline, Strawberry Farm, Cady Hill Connector, Flo, Snake, CH Connector, Green chair, Bears.

Group 11. Rec Path Rampage – Hit up the Stowe Recreation Path (paved). Parents must be present for family rides.

For tickets and more information please visit the Stowe Mountain Bike Club website HERE.

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