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Where to bike in Stowe


Within the town of Stowe there are many trails hidden throughout.  Finding the trail network that most fits your style of riding and ability can be a difficult for first time visitors.

Cady Hill Forest
(aka: The Town Loops)

Cady Hill Forest has seen some changes in the past couple of years.  With new fast and flowy trails, much need trail work on existing trails, Cady Hill has become a destination for visiting bikers.  Trails in this network range from Intermediate to Advanced.  The combination of new, machine built trails along side old school, rocky and rooty trails make riding here very unique.  The trail head and parking is located on rt 108, just a short bike ride from our shop.



Trapp Family Lodge

The trails at Trapp Family Lodge are a great place to bring beginners but still offers a challenge for more experienced riders.  Beginner single track can be found here to help new riders progress their trail riding skills.  Lessons are also available for those needing to sharpen their skills.  Making the climb to the cabin in the summer on single track can be a great adventure for Intermediates, especially riding back down.

Adam's Camp

Adams Camp bike trails run through a network of cross country skiing trails creating a nice loop for intermediate to advanced riders.  The two main trails are Kimmers (an advanced) and Hardy's Haul ( intermediate ).  Riders will enjoy the fast and flowy feel to these trails.  Double track connects the the trails, as well as connecting them to the Trapp Family Lodge mountain bike trail network.  The trail head is located down Ranch Brook Road, although parking at the Matterhorn and pedaling in is easier on your car.

Sterling Valley
Perry Hill

The Sterling Valley parking lot is at the very end of Sterling Valley Road, right after the left turn onto Sterling Gorge Road.  The network offers some mellow beginner friendly double track riding, along with a fun intermediate bridge trail, 8 Bridges (hence the name).  8 Bridges has gain quite a few new bridges over the past couple of years but still retains the name.  For those looking for more challenge, riding up to Peak a View off of Laurens Loop.  This offers amazing views of Mt. Mansfield and beyond.


Just a short drive from Stowe in Waterbury, Perry Hill offers advanced terrain with some intermediate runs.  The beginning climb will make most people think twice about biking there.  Once to the top, all efforts are greatly rewarded.  Linking the two trails Burning Spear and Rastaman offer a downhill ride with rock roll downs, berms, and rock drops.   The trail head is located halfway down the River road in Waterbury. Head over the railroad tracks and then under the Interstate through a long tunnel, then up, up, up into the trail network.

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